Pr/log serialization sorting #766

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This tiny patch is almost a no-op (I didn't even note it in the CHANGERS). It calls ->Sortkeys(1) when serializing references for the logs. This allows me to have this:

info { b => 1, a => 2, e => 3, d => 4, c => 5};

And have it show up like this in the logs:

{'a' => 2,'b' => 1,'c' => 5,'d' => 4,'e' => 3}

When dealing with complicated data structures (or in my case, when cheating with my tests), it makes it easier to find the data you are looking for.

Ovid added some commits Mar 27, 2012
PerlDancer member

Good call - makes life easier when stuff is dumped in a known order, not somewhat randomly.


@bigpresh bigpresh merged commit 991a76b into PerlDancer:devel Mar 27, 2012
PerlDancer member

In fact, it's simple, sensible and harmless enough that I'll merge it without waiting for another approval - thanks!

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