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Add log_ compat methods #814

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ambs commented Jul 31, 2012

One (final?) step towards easy universal plugins (working with both versions of dancer) would be an universal way of logging.

One problem with Dancer 2 logging is the use of log keyword, as I already pointed sometimes.

Matt Trout defends the use of Log::Contextual and it seems that some other are tempted as well (@xsawyerx at least, if I am not mistaken).

The few I could learn for some minutes looking to Log::Contextual, it works with log_$level and a subroutine reference. With that in mind, I wrote five methods in Dancer::Plugin to solve that.

If you all think this might work, I'll merge this, and work on integrating Log::Contextual on Dancer 2.

Feedback is welcome (@sukria, @dams, @bigpresh, @franckcuny, Matt...)

@ambs ambs was assigned Jul 31, 2012
@ambs ambs More compatibility
It is not that difficult, so, give a little more compatibility with
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xsawyerx commented Aug 5, 2012

How would Log::Contextual look like in Dancer 2?

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ambs commented Aug 6, 2012

I would expect to, at least, make 5 similar methods like these available in Dancer 2. But, not sure. Some brainstorming is always welcome.

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This seems sane to me, and has been waiting for some time - anyone object to it being merged?

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ambs commented Mar 6, 2015

No longer relevant. Long live Dancer2.

@ambs ambs closed this Mar 6, 2015
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