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Commits on May 22, 2015
  1. @veryrusty
  2. @veryrusty

    reflect changes

    veryrusty authored
  3. @gregoa @veryrusty

    fix spelling/grammar glitches

    gregoa authored veryrusty committed
Commits on May 18, 2015
  1. @veryrusty
  2. @veryrusty

    reflect changes

    veryrusty authored
  3. @veryrusty

    Change references to Dancer to Dancer2 in the DBIC section.

    Julien Fiegehenn authored veryrusty committed
    Since this is D2, especially the command line tool reference to
    'dancer -a bookstore' should be 'dancer2 -a bookstore' as new users might not
    have dancer and would get confused or discouraged. On the other hand,
    older users would end up with a Dancer (one) app which might be even worse.
Commits on May 14, 2015
  1. @xsawyerx


    xsawyerx authored
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        * GH #893, #895: Catch config parse errors when Config::Any doesn't throw
          them. (Russell Jenkins)
        * GH #899: Minimum YAML version supported is v0.86 (Shlomi Fish)
        * GH #906: send_file - missing import and fix logic error for streaming
          by default (Russell Jenkins)
        * GH #897: Remove docs for unimplemented 'load' keyword (Fayland Lam)
        [ ENHANCEMENT ]
        * GH #894, #898: Add status and headers methods to ::Response::Delayed
          (Yanick Champoux, Charlie Gonzalez)
  2. @xsawyerx

    bump version

    xsawyerx authored
Commits on May 13, 2015
  1. @veryrusty
  2. @veryrusty

    reflect changes

    veryrusty authored
  3. @veryrusty

    send_file: streaming logic error & missing import

    veryrusty authored
    PSGI streaming is the default option when the server supports it.
    However if someone specifiec `streaming => 1` as an option, a logic
    error was causing the file *not* to be streamed. Simplified this logic
    (outside of the coditional) to make it clearer that streaming *is* the
    Also specify the full package name to read_glob_content. Closes #906.
  4. @veryrusty

    Tests for send_file when streaming is disabled

    veryrusty authored
    Covers the issues mentioned in #906.
Commits on May 5, 2015
  1. @veryrusty
  2. @veryrusty

    reflect changes

    veryrusty authored
  3. @shlomif @veryrusty

    Dependency on YAML set to minimal 0.86.

    shlomif authored veryrusty committed
    Fix #899 : YAML-0.85 caused
    a breakage in the installation.
  4. @veryrusty

    Merge branch 'pr/gh-893'

    veryrusty authored
  5. @veryrusty

    reflect changes

    veryrusty authored
  6. @veryrusty

    Catch config loading errors

    veryrusty authored
    Config::Any v0.25 returns undef if the files failed to parse; such as
    with the invalid YAML in the failure.yml environment test. That undef
    can't be used as a hashref. Closes #893.
    Config::Any v0.24 and v0.26 throw a parse error on the invalid yaml, so
    the assignment never takes place.
    Update test to check look for "our" error string, as Config::Any 0.25
    does not generate that parse error.
  7. @veryrusty

    Ensure failure env config is invalid YAML

    veryrusty authored
    Use inconsistent indendation, which is invalid YAML and treated as such
    by all parsers in the failure.yml env config.
    Previously the string literal used (which is valid YAML) threw errors
    when was parsing it. Other parsers like YAML::XS handled it
Commits on May 4, 2015
  1. @veryrusty
  2. @veryrusty

    reflect changes

    veryrusty authored
  3. @fayland @veryrusty

    Update Manual.pod

    fayland authored veryrusty committed
    load keyword is not implemented in D2.
  4. @veryrusty

    reflect changes

    veryrusty authored
Commits on May 3, 2015
  1. @veryrusty
  2. @yanick @veryrusty

    move status/headers as handles on response

    yanick authored veryrusty committed
Commits on May 2, 2015
  1. @itcharlie
  2. @yanick
Commits on Apr 26, 2015
  1. @xsawyerx


    xsawyerx authored
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        * GH #868: Fix incorrect access name in $error->throw. (cdmalon)
        * GH #879, #883: Fix version numbering in packaging and tests.
          (Russell Jenkins)
        * File serving (send_file) won't call serializer. (Russell Jenkins)
        * GH #892, #510: Workaround for multiple plugins with hooks.
          (Russell Jenkins, Alberto Simões)
        * GH #558: Remove "prefix" inconsistency with possibly missing postfixed
          forward slash. (Sawyer X)
        * GH #816, #874 Document session engine changes in migration documentation.
          (Chenchen Zhao)
        * GH #866, #870: Clarify that you cannot forward to a static file, why,
          and two different ways of accomplishing it without forward.
          (Sakshee Vijayvargia)
        * GH #878: Rework example for optional named matching due to operator
          precedence. (Andrew Solomon)
        * GH #844: Document Simple session backend is the default. (Sawyer X)
        [ ENHANCEMENT ]
        * GH #869: Streaming file serving (send_file). (Russell Jenkins)
        * GH #793: "prefix" now supports the path definition spec. (Sawyer X)
        * GH #817, #845: Route spec under a prefix doesn't need to start with
          a slash (but must without a prefix).
          (Sawyer X, Russell Jenkins)
        * GH #871: Use instead of eval with Dancer2::Serializer::Dumper.
          (David Zurborg)
        * GH #880: Reduce and cleanup different logging calls in order to handle
          the stack frames traceback for logging classes. (Russell Jenkins)
        * GH #857, #875: When failing to render in Template::Toolkit, make the
          error reflect it's a TT error, not an internal one.
  2. @xsawyerx

    Merge branch 'release/160000'

    xsawyerx authored
  3. @xsawyerx

    bump version

    xsawyerx authored
  4. @xsawyerx
Commits on Apr 25, 2015
  1. @xsawyerx
  2. @xsawyerx

    reflect changes best i could

    xsawyerx authored
  3. @veryrusty @xsawyerx

    Route regexp must have a leading / when prefix is undef.

    veryrusty authored xsawyerx committed
    In general, allowing a route regexp to be constructed by concatenating
    the prefixes and route paths gives amazing flexability.
    @xsawyerx++ for his work in #817 that allows for this!!
    However, there is one edge case when the prefix is undef (or the prefix
    is '/' as it is converted to an undef). The PSGI spec required
    the PATH_INFO header to be either empty, or begin with a '/'.
    Without special handling, a route like
      prefix '/' => sub { get 'x' => sub {...} };
    is going to try and match a path of 'x', which is not valid.
    Instead, if the prefix is undef and the concatenated regexp does NOT
    start with a '/', the route constructor adds it. This implies
      prefix '/' => sub { get '' => sub {...} };
      prefix '/' => sub { get '/' => sub {...} };
    both match the path '/', which could cause some confusion, and is a
    little different to when the prefix is not undef, viz
      prefix '/foo' => sub { get '' => sub {...} };
      prefix '/foo' => sub { get '/' => sub {...} };
    which match '/foo' and '/foo/' respectively.
  4. @veryrusty @xsawyerx

    Tests for token and splat constructs in prefixes

    veryrusty authored xsawyerx committed
    Adds an explicit test for token handling for constructs like
      prefix '/:foo" => sub { get '/' => sub {...} };
    as mentioned in #817.
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