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Dancer2 doesn't play well with LWP::Protocol::PSGI and/or apphandler => 'PSGI' doesn't kick in #447

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The following example from the LWP::Protocol::PSGI POD, works with Dancer but not with Dancer2.

use LWP::UserAgent;
use LWP::Protocol::PSGI;

my $psgi_app = do {
    use Dancer;#ATTN : Change this to Dancer2 and the app hangs before this line
    setting apphandler => 'PSGI';
    get '/search' => sub {
        return 'googling ' . params->{q};
# Register the $psgi_app to handle all LWP requests
my $ua  = LWP::UserAgent->new;
my $res = $ua->get("");
print $res->content; # "googling bar"

So the above sample would hang when Dancer2 was used.

With some timely help from @mst-shadowcat turns out, if I add this : BEGIN { $ENV{DANCER_APPHANDLER} = 'PSGI';}, the second use statement, it works ok.

Not sure if it's just the following not kicking in

apphandler => 'PSGI' 

or something else.

PerlDancer member

This can be (didn't look into the code yet):

  • Setting being ignored, or more likely,
  • The usual problems with sets and triggers not working.

I don't understand what triggers are here? Could someone explain s'il vous plait.

PerlDancer member

@gideondsouza, atm just forget them. With the latest patch from @veryrusty you can use use Dancer apphandler=>"PSGI" and this issue can gets closed :dancers:


Alright :smile: I racked my brains a little generally about setting() and set() not working while doing command line options, couldn't figure it out too well. I thought this had something to do with it.

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This is because set $key => $value changes applications, not the runner, where the the decision on which web server to run it under is done.

PerlDancer member

Fixed it locally. Setting up a test and pushing.

@xsawyerx xsawyerx added a commit that referenced this issue
@xsawyerx xsawyerx Make apphandler a global variable:
Recently when running

    set apphandler => 'PSGI'

it did not pick up because setting the apphandler affected only
the Dancer App, while the apphandler was (correctly) decided and
used by the Dancer Runner.

By making the "apphandler" option a global trigger that updates the
Dancer Runner object, this will now work.

Added a test that uses LWP::Protocol::PSGI, which exposed this
problem in GH #447.
PerlDancer member

Closed by 22523a3.

@xsawyerx xsawyerx closed this
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