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Articles for the advent calendar

Withdraw 2013 calendar :(

Saddening, I really don't want to have to do this, but I'm just not going to
have the time to spend on the calendar this year, and haven't had contributed
articles - so I either spend a fair while still selecting and re-running
previous articles, or can it for this year and come back in force next year.

Sorry all.
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Dancer advent calendar 2012

Article suggestions / volunteers to write them very much appreciated.

This README will be updated with each suggestion and the flags listed below used
to indicate the status of that article.

When we decide what order to run them in, we'll then reshuffle them into order.

If you have ideas or want to volunteer, find us in, or
email the dancer-users mailing list, or contact - thanks!


[ ] : up for adoption
[A] : "Assigned", someone volunteered to write it
[P] : "Pending", someone started writing that article
[R] : "Review", ready for review (needs typos fixes and proofreading)
[D] : "Done", ready for publication
[L] : "Last Review", reviewed but still some things left undone


[D] - What a difference a year makes
      progress since last year - reading through CHANGES and writing about all
      the new features in Dancer1 (if this becomes a bit long, it could be split
      over multiple days)

# Dancer2 - almost here posts - I think we could split this into a few:
[R] - Why Dancer2 (re-use some content from last year?)
[R] - What's new?  (Why is Dancer2 better?)
[ ] - When, dammit? (How far off are we?  Point to dev release hopefully, and
      mention it's being used in production for dogfooding)
[ ] - What needs to be done?  Outline remaining tasks, request volunteers?

[ ] - Extending colloboration - highlight how many more contributions we've had,
      and mention the new policy of more liberal commit bit distribution

[ ] - State of the ecosystem
      a writeup of various Dancer plugins, especially ones which are new since
      last year; this could be a series of posts over multiple days possibly

[ ] - Thanking contributors
      We could do a post thanking all the people who've contributed over the
      last year, with a short description of each thing they contributed

[ ] - Dancing on the big screen
      Summarise talks mentioning Dancer at various Perl events

[ ] - Dancer at LPW2012
      Summarise Dancer-related stuff at LPW2012

[ ] - Spotlighting Dancer users - pick some higher-profile users from the
      dancefloor page and highlight their use of Dancer - perhaps even
      contacting them with a few questions, like a short interview (bigpresh)

[ ] - Spotlighting Dancer contributors - maybe picking a few contributors who'd
      be willing to do a short interview on their contributions to and use of

[ ] - Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible - I need to get my arse in gear and get
      an initial version of this CPAN'd ASAP, then I could write an article on
      it - basically, flexible, easy user authentication and access control made
      easy for Dancer apps (bigpresh)

[R] - Dancer deployment & avoiding slowloris type attacks via buffering proxy:
      (melmothX - thanks!)

[ ] - Dancer::Error refactoring (yanick)
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