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=for html </pre>
+... yes, Christmas is nearly here, and Santa is heading out to visit each and
+every CPAN mirror; he's been told that all the CPAN mirror admins and users have
+been nice, so he's leaving a developer copy of Dancer 2 for each and every one!
+Documentation and rough edges are being polished ready for a stable release
+early in 2013, but in the meantime:
+... a new, cleaner, more elegant style of Dancing is upon us!
+The Dancer core development team would like to wish a wonderful Christmas and a
+happy and prosperous 2013 to each and every Dancer user and reader.
+David Precious (bigpresh) would also like to apologise for his occasional
+tardiness in preparing posts for this year's calendar; perhaps preparation for
+next year's should start in, say, July :)
=head2 Author
This article has been written by Yanick Champoux for the Perl

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