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Articles for the advent calendar

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Suggestions for articles


[ ] : up for adoption
[A] : "Assigned", someone volunteered to write it
[P] : "Pending", someone started wirting that article
[R] : "Review", ready for review (needs typos fixes and proofreading)
[D] : "Done", ready for publication

Note: the order is not the order of publication, but the order of submission

01. [R] Dancer::Plugin::SiteMap: "map-the-way-with-dancer-plugin-sitemap" (jamesronan)

02. [P] Dancer::Plugin::Database (bigpresh)

03. [R] Adding authentication to your application (Dancer::Plugin::Authorize) (alnewkirk)

04. [A] How to work with sessions in cookies (Dancer::Session::Cookie,

05. [ ] Common practiced with Dancer apps (move to template_toolkit or your favorite
        template system, etc.)

06. [P] ReST webservices (with Dancer::Plugin::REST and Serializers). API (dams for

07. [ ] load_app (note: not sure if we should speak of load_app as we'll drop it after 1.2)

08. [P] using dancer with middlewares

09. [R] Writing a Dancer plugin (need to think of one) (what about a
        Dancer::Plugin::MobilePhone that detects if the user agent is a mobile phone
        and sets some templates variables, or change the base url to m.domain...)
        [ sukria ]

10. [P] How to contribute to Dancer core (covered in Franck's lastest blog post)

11. [ ] Why routes? How does route-based web works and why is it more fun?

12. [ ] Using the before (KiokuDB context)

13. [A] Deploying Dancer (nmani, )

14. [ ] Replacing old CGI code with Dancer

15. [A] The concept of engines in Dancer's core (followed the 3 next items)
        I've already covered that topic in a blog-entry, I can refresh it for the
        advent calendar (sukria)

16. [P] Writing a new logger backend  (xsawyerx)

17. [ ] Writing a new session backend 

18. [P] Writing a new serializer backend (xsawyerx)

19. [ ] Profiling/Debugging/Performance-testing Dancer applications.

20. [ ] Writing Dancer specific tests. (already covered in my article about
        writing a plugin, maybe I should split them in two parts? sukria)

21. [A] Dancer::Plugin::DBIC (dams)

22. [A] Dancer for static websites (BooK)

23. [ ]

24. [ ]

25. [ ] Dancer 1.2 is released! article based on the changelog with a word or
        two about upcoming change planed for 1.4

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