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* No way to specify/override the compile and link
options which causes problems on systems with multiple
OpenGL libraries installed (e.g., 32-bit and 64-bit).
* Build may not complete if you do not have the
required FreeGLUT or Apple GLUT (on Mac OS X systems).
* ActiveState automated PPM builds currently fail due to
what appears to be interface detection failures in their
build environment. You'll need to use another PPM site
or build your own OpenGL: (1) install ASPerl on your
system, (2) do ppm install MinGW to get the compile
environment, (3) cpan -i OpenGL, and you should be done!
* The build may fail if your FreeGLUT installation uses
freeglut.h as the name of its include file. This may
happen if you have both original GLUT and FreeGLUT on
the same system. Edit the Makefile produced and add
-DHAVE_FREEGLUT_H to the DEFINE = line and things may
compile then.
* Configuration and compiling requires an active OpenGL
context on non-win32 systems (e.g. a display)
* The calling interfaces for OpenGL, GLU, GLUT, GLX, X11,
and the perl module routines (names beginning with glp)
are in a state of flux and may not be in sync with the
current API documentation.
* Too many "extra" variants of standard OpenGL functions.
Implementation progress with PDL has suggested a way
to simplify the bindings a la OpenGL::Simple. TBD.
* examples/planets: works but has visual artifacts
examples/tk_steal: runs but maybe not correctly
* Examples using GLX calls need to be ported to GLUT
* Some of the functions taking pointer type arguments
have inconsistent usage for the gl*_p() variants:
glColorPointer_p(size, oga)
glTexCoordPointerEXT_p(size, oga)
glTexCoordPointer_p(size, oga)
glVertexPointerEXT_p(size, oga)
glVertexPointer_p(size, oga)
* OpenGL::RPN operations can segfault. Work is underway
to debug the stack issues which appear to be the root