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aefdd57 @kthakore Added git ignore for when perl Build.PL is run
kthakore authored
1 _build/
2 *.o
3 Build
4 blib
1153dcc @kthakore Updated gitignore and added [0] for image loader to pogl example
kthakore authored
5 nytprof*
6 lib/SDLx/*.c
7 lib/SDLx/*.xs
6a78170 @jtpalmer gitignore SDLx/Controller/*.(c|xs)
jtpalmer authored
8 lib/SDLx/Controller/*.c
9 lib/SDLx/Controller/*.xs
eb7b6d7 @acme make .gitignore more strict
acme authored
10 lib/SDL/*.c
11 lib/SDL/*.xs
d80facc @kthakore Added image tests [Ticket #72]
kthakore authored
12 lib/SDL/GFX/*.c
13 lib/SDL/GFX/*.xs
5345d12 ignoring folders Pango and TTF, ignoring *_def.old
Tobias Leich authored
14 lib/SDL/Mixer/*.c
15 lib/SDL/Mixer/*.xs
16 lib/SDL/Net/*.c
17 lib/SDL/Net/*.xs
18 lib/SDL/Pango/*.c
19 lib/SDL/Pango/*.xs
20 lib/SDL/TTF/*.c
21 lib/SDL/TTF/*.xs
2b4de1e @jtpalmer gitignore
jtpalmer authored
c614534 @kthakore Update .gitignore
kthakore authored
23 SDL_perl.c
24 SDL_perl.xs
5cffd32 @kthakore Ignore META.yml thats recreated anyway
kthakore authored
25 stage
b64c759 @FROGGS its safer to have this in repo
FROGGS authored
95f5be3 @kthakore cleaned up MANIFEST, Added it to .gitignore. Added lib/SDL/ w…
kthakore authored
27 !MANIFEST.skip
13cfc95 @kthakore Added test and module for SDL::Mixer::Samples
kthakore authored
28 *META.yml
a79e3b7 @jtpalmer Preparing for 2.534_02 release
jtpalmer authored
29 *META.json
64a48cf @kthakore Fixed gitignore
kthakore authored
30 *.tar.gz
253f07b @kthakore First example
kthakore authored
31 *.swp
ac9f432 @bricas add name section to credits pod. start adding dates to changelog file…
bricas authored
32 *~
e6e146e @kthakore Did perl tidy. Stole rc from padre. bricas++
kthakore authored
33 *.bak
bafadcb cleanup for *_def.old files
Tobias Leich authored
34 *_def.old
e6e146e @kthakore Did perl tidy. Stole rc from padre. bricas++
kthakore authored
35 *.ERR
0198693 @Blaizer paused method for controller. sdlx music docs. added a few things to …
Blaizer authored
36 *Thumbs.db
37 Build.bat
38 *.base
39 *.def
40 *.exp
41 *.lds
b39f944 @FROGGS added msvc object files .obj
FROGGS authored
42 *.obj
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