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| SDL Perl
| Install Information Doc
Well, there has to become a time when every project has a file dictating the
best known way to install a program.
In this case, the time is now.
Table of Contents:
1 : System Requirements [ANAL1]
2 : Grabbing the necessary version of SDL Perl, release [PROD2]
3 : Same as above, but of the bleeding edge variety [EMO3]
ANAL1: System Requirements
For SDL Perl, you will, of course need a copy of libSDL. Which should be
available via your system's usual method of grabbing this. Generally a
package manager similar to Gentoo's Emerge, Fedora's yum, opensuse's YaST,
Debian|Ubuntu's apt, etc., etc., will have libSDL as the package. I (Katrina
Payne) really have no idea the best method to get it working in the best
practice method on Windows.
Anyways, oddly enough, SDL Perl's package on your system may not include all
the files required for this to properly install. Go figure, huh?
Additional libaries you need to make certain are on your systems:
* png
* jpeg
* smpeg
* OpenGL (GL)
* SDL_image
* SDL_mixer
* SDL_net
* SDL_tiff
* SDL_gfx
* SDL_ttf
Yeah, there are allegedly tests to make sure these are on your system,
however sometimes we are a little forgetful, and we miss them.
PROD2: Grabbing the Necessary Version of SDL Perl, release
This is kind of redundant at this point, as you more than likely have this
file, or most likely do not need this section. However, for the sake of
completeness, I am including this (perhaps this section should be the one with
the ANAL1 find index?).
(skip to 0COOL if you have cpan set up on your system)
Anyways go onto your shell, assuming it is bash, and not something silly like
tcsh, ksh, zsh or lispsh (in which case, you likely know what you are doing),
type the following (FOR GREAT JUSTICE!):
$ perl -MCPAN -e "shell"
General convention states that prefixing a command with a '$' indicates you
are doing this command in Userland. Do _not_ type the dollar sign. If you
really do like typing dollar signs compulsively, we do have a donation button
that you make use of.
You will be confronted with a large amount of options for how to properly set
this up. As far as I (Katrina) am (is) aware, generally the defaults should be
fine for most cases. In the odd cases they are not, well check the contacts
information for more details. In the CONTACTS file (eventually).
In the very odd occurance that you have already done this in this shell in
some previous time in a spot that this user can see the required items for,
you would simply type:
$ cpan
You will be presented with the CPAN prompt at this point. It is best if you
type the following command to make certain you are aware of the options
involved in the matter as you are doing this, incase I (Katrina) screw up
this file, and you can let me (Katrina) know fully well, how much of a screw
up you think I made:
CPAN> help
Yeah, CPAN> denotes we are now inside CPAN BTW. And know you know, and
knowing is half the battle.
After this, you should prolly make certain your kit is up to date. This can
be done via:
CPAN> upgrade /.*/
I am certain some of the other more established monks will prolly be
thwapping me with their canes (I am hoping for a high grade mahogany, made by
the trees on the planet Malkior 7, where the trees are over 400 feet high.
AND BREATHE FIRE! Built through the ancient blood rituals of the Malkior
People, these canes are nigh indestructable and can bend the fabric of the
universe--they are also a very fine material. Very impressive)
Alright now that your kit is insanely up to date you would type:
CPAN> install SDLPerl
Now you are ready to run and program SDLPerl applications.
EMO3: Same as Above, but The Bleeding Edge.
If you have already initially grab the git repo, jump do to [9CEREAL]
Well, in this case you will need git install onto the computer. This project,
at the time of writing this (20091022), uses github to manage its services.
You can grab your copy of the git repo via:
$ git clone git://
In case you did not read [PROD2], the '$' you have here indicates that this
stuff is typed into a shell prompt in somewhere in userland. You do not
actually need to type the '$' on the shell. Your shell provides the Big Money
for you!... unless you are using something odd like tcsh... or know how to
customised your prompt... or possibly 1006 other posibilities that have not
really occured to me (Katrina) at the time of writing this.
When you want to update your clone--as they need to be fed. I mean, you would
not want to starve your clone. I mean, while I am not certain Geneva
conventions apply to clones as they technically are not human, you know, not
being created by God, and .'. not having souls (though you need to ask: do you
really want a soulless monster displeased at you? I mean, it can do what it
wants without worrying of eternal damnation). So to feed this monstrocity that
you have raised on your computer (which work by a wizard's magic anyways),
you go into the directory that the git repo is in (in the git repo itself, not
the directory that you did the `git clone` in), and type the following:
$ git pull
Now to build this, you type the arcane words (and no, it really does not
matter what sign the moon is in... but if it makes you feel better, you can
type this when the moon is in the sextan sign, just my own suggestion)
$ perl Build.PL
$ perl Build test && perl Build Bundle
Okay.. the first one, will build the require tools you need to work with to
install the wonder, that is the developmental version of SDL Perl.
The next one goes:
Okay, I am testing to make certain the system can handle me.
If that goes well (and _only_ if), it goes, "wow! It likes me! IT REALLY
LIKES ME!"--after prancing around in front of the mirror and trying to do up
her Perl and XS coloured hair in a nice looking manner, and choose a pretty
dress to wear (she will try to be the best looking developmental perl libary
on the system. Oh~ all the _other_ developmental perl libraries will be so
jealous of her~).
Then if there is an issue getting herself all pretty this command will have
her just stop there... your best bet is to give her comfort food. Of the
kind of reports on the SDL Perl tracker, as I am not really certain if SDL
Perl likes Hagan Daaz, but then I have not ask her, and well, you really are
not in the place to ask. After all, she will likely blame you or your system
for why she does not look pretty--programs that end up not compiling
properly tend to have self esteem issues. Sending something to the tracker
pretty much is a way of telling her you are interested... this usually helps
her to stop watching old reruns of Inu Yasha (yeah, SDL Perl is still kind of
young) and get back to feeling better.
Anyways, if all goes well and she feels all pretty looking, she just skips
all the romance and moves into your system with perl Build install. Yush,
that is right, you type in:
# perl Build install
Oh yeah, '#' is a form of notation that this command is to be typed in as the
avatar user... or a super user account.
And... bob is your uncle.
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