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use Inline C => DATA => LIBS => `sdl-config --libs` => INC => `sdl-config --cflags`;
my $fp = get_function_pointer();
print '[Perl] In perl we got :' . $fp . "\n";
print '[Perl] Making Thread.';
make_thread( get_function_pointer(), 'I AM THE OVERLOARD XENU!!!' );
#include <SDL.h>
#include <SDL_thread.h>
char DoIt(char* c){
int threadID = SDL_ThreadID();
printf("[C-Thread] we are in %d \n", &threadID);
printf("[C-Thread] Called with %s \n", c);
return c;
int get_function_pointer() {
printf("[C] Function Pointer is at %d!\n", &DoIt);
return PTR2IV(&DoIt);
int make_thread(IV pointer, char* c)
void * fp = INT2PTR( void *, pointer);
void * data = c;
SDL_CreateThread( fp, data );
printf("[C] Created thread: \n");
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