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46 lib/pods/SDLx/Controller/Interface.pod
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=head2 set_acceleration
+Allows you to set the acceleration callback for defining the inferface's behaviour in terms of x,y and rotation.
+ $interface->set_acceleration (
+ sub {
+ my ($time, $current_state) = @_;
+ return ( $acc_x, $acc_y, $torque );
+ }
+ );
+These accelerations are arbitary and can be set to any frame of reference. Your render callback will handle how to
+interpert it.
+The callback will recieve the time and the current state as a C<SDLx::Controller::State>.
=head2 attach
+Attaches the interface to a controller with a render callback
+ $interface->attach( $controller, $render, @params );
+Where $render is a callback that recieves the interpolated C<SDLx::Controller::State>.
+ my $render = sub {
+ my ($state) = shift; my @params = @_;
+ #draw the current $state.
+ };
+The @params are any extra parameters you would like to pass to the $render callback.
=head2 current
+ my $current_state = $interface->current();
+Returns the current state of the interface as a C<SDLx::Controller::State>.
=head2 previous
+ my $previous_state = $interface->previous();
+Returns the previous state of the interface as a C<SDLx::Controller::State>.
+Don't use these unless you really really want to.
=head2 acceleration
+Call the acceleration callback once.
=head2 interpolate
+Interpolate the current state
=head2 evaluate
+Evaluate the new currrent and previous state.
=head2 update
+Update the states by integrating with time.
=head1 AUTHORS
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