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1 parent 3b05183 commit 984d4f5c3bcf79f11fa2e80457f1b847c3516972 Tobias Leich committed Mar 19, 2010
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  1. +23 −13 lib/pods/SDL/TTF.pod
@@ -436,31 +436,41 @@ You may use Unicode::String for this.
=head2 Font Rendering
-=head3 render_glyph_solid
+=head3 Solid
-=head3 render_glyph_shaded
+=head4 render_glyph_solid
-=head3 render_glyph_blended
+=head4 render_text_solid
-=head3 render_text_solid
+ my $surface = SDL::TTF::render_text_solid($font, $text, $color);
+Render the LATIN1 encoded text onto a new surface, using the Solid mode.
-=head3 render_text_shaded
+B<Note>: L<Space character bug|> So you have to upgrade libfreetype2 to at least version 2.3.5
-=head3 render_text_blended
+=head4 render_utf8_solid
-=head3 render_utf8_solid
+=head4 render_unicode_solid
-=head3 render_utf8_shaded
+=head3 Shaded
-=head3 render_utf8_blended
+=head4 render_glyph_shaded
-=head3 render_unicode_solid
+=head4 render_text_shaded
-=head3 render_unicode_shaded
+=head4 render_utf8_shaded
-=head3 render_unicode_blended
+=head4 render_unicode_shaded
+=head3 Blended
+=head4 render_glyph_blended
+=head4 render_text_blended
+=head4 render_utf8_blended
+=head4 render_unicode_blended
=head1 AUTHOR

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