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B3SA984: Added Note to POD explaining that updating the rect's x squi…

…shes its w, which needs restoration before reuse.
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pip committed Mar 28, 2011
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@@ -103,6 +103,12 @@ and provided you don't need the optimal speed necessary (since blitting every
object takes more work than just blitting the portions you need), this works
quite well.
+B<Note:> When you loop C<$rect>'s x position to the C<$app>'s width, the
+rect's C<w> (width) automatically gets shrunk to fit the window. Once the
+x position reaches 640, the w is 0. In order to reuse the C<$rect> from above
+for below, you'll need to first restore the initial width with the C<$rect>'s
+C<w()> member.
=head2 Undrawing the Updated Rectangle
If you need more speed or want to make a different complexity tradeoff, you can

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