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Commits on Apr 27, 2015
  1. @FROGGS

    update version to 2.546

    FROGGS authored
  2. @FROGGS
  3. @FROGGS

    add changes to changelog

    FROGGS authored
Commits on Apr 4, 2015
  1. @wchristian
Commits on Mar 17, 2015
  1. @wchristian

    remove apparently unnecessary pump_events to smooth out performance p…

    wchristian authored
    Note ahead, in this comment @kthakore observed issues around pump_events
    that i do not understand fully, and i would love if he could find the time
    to provide input on this:
    SHA-1: 4aa0251
    * Need to pump before we poll to prevent skipping too many events before processing something
    That said, according to the documentation:
    > Often the need for calls to SDL_PumpEvents is hidden from the user
    > since SDL_PollEvent [...] implicitly call SDL_PumpEvents.
    > [...] if you are not polling or waiting for events [...]
    > you must call SDL_PumpEvents
    > this function implicitly calls SDL_PumpEvents
    This means that removing it should have no deleterious effects.
    At the same time, its presence does seem to cause some. In the graph in
    this screenshot you will notice occasional red spikes at the bottom. These
    are caused by pump_events taking more time than ordinary, and disappear
    with (on Win7) no noticable side effects when pump_events is removed.
    Given that clear benefit, i would like to see this commit released live in
    a production release to see if it causes ill effects for anyone using SDL.
  2. @KohaAloha

    tweak build alerts

    KohaAloha authored
  3. @KohaAloha
Commits on Mar 14, 2015
  1. @jtpalmer @wchristian

    add newline to end of Module::Build::SDL

    jtpalmer authored wchristian committed
  2. @jtpalmer @wchristian

    Change SDL_perl to SDL

    jtpalmer authored wchristian committed
  3. @jtpalmer @wchristian

    Add strict and warnings

    jtpalmer authored wchristian committed
  4. @wchristian

    clarify argments to handler subs in SDLx::App

    wchristian authored
    Previously it was easy for someone to look at the docs and assume the move handler operated in fixed steps, only discovering how wrong that is if they end up with a need to dig into the SDLx::Controller documentation. With this line it becomes obvious that the move handler takes a number of arguments and that research is necessary.
    And while i'm at it, also adding the arguments for the other handlers.
  5. @FROGGS @wchristian

    release 2.544

    FROGGS authored wchristian committed
  6. @FROGGS @wchristian
  7. @FROGGS @wchristian

    fix required version of dependency Alien::SDL

    FROGGS authored wchristian committed
  8. @FROGGS @wchristian

    updated Alien::SDL's version to get an OpenBSD/pthread fix, dev relea…

    FROGGS authored wchristian committed
    …se 2.543_2
  9. @FROGGS @wchristian

    dev release 2.543_1

    FROGGS authored wchristian committed
  10. @FROGGS @wchristian

    fix segfault when cleaning up MixChunks on windows

    FROGGS authored wchristian committed
    We built the libSDL binaries several years ago, and so it was built
    against an older runtime library (msvcrt.dll).
    Now we build SDL itself against msvcr110.dll for example, and therefore
    allocate on another heap than the free() is taking place, which happens
    in libSDL_mixer itself.
  11. @FROGGS @wchristian

    release 2.542

    FROGGS authored wchristian committed
  12. @FROGGS @wchristian
  13. @KohaAloha @wchristian

    added travis buildbot

    KohaAloha authored wchristian committed
  14. @bricas @wchristian

    New version of GPL text (Closes #245)

    bricas authored wchristian committed
  15. @jtpalmer @wchristian

    Release 2.540

    jtpalmer authored wchristian committed
  16. @jtpalmer @wchristian

    Update changelog

    jtpalmer authored wchristian committed
  17. @FROGGS @wchristian

    platform specific notes by Alex

    FROGGS authored wchristian committed
  18. @jtpalmer @wchristian

    fixed bugtracker link

    jtpalmer authored wchristian committed
  19. @jtpalmer @wchristian

    Add new changelog entry

    jtpalmer authored wchristian committed
  20. @jtpalmer @wchristian

    Merge changelog from 2.538

    jtpalmer authored wchristian committed
  21. @mig0 @wchristian

    remove redundant png files from pods/

    mig0 authored wchristian committed
  22. @mig0 @wchristian

    fix spelling errors in pods

    mig0 authored wchristian committed
Commits on Feb 13, 2012
  1. @FROGGS

    new dev release 2.537_02

    FROGGS authored
  2. @FROGGS

    weaken tests

    FROGGS authored
  3. @FROGGS


    FROGGS authored
  4. @FROGGS

    skipping callback test

    FROGGS authored
  5. @FROGGS
  6. @FROGGS
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