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kthakore commented Jul 26, 2011

This ticket will come in the form of the POD for some more methods I would like for SDLx::Controller.

=head2 add_handlers

event => [ @event_handlers ],
move => [ @move_handlers ],
show => [ @show_handlers ],

A combination of C<add_event_handler>, C<add_move_handler> and C<add_show_handler>. This is useful when used with C.

=head2 store

my $stored_handlers = $app->store;

Returns a scalar reference to C<$app>s currently added handlers. This reference will look like:
event => [ @event_handlers ],
move => [ @move_handlers ],
show => [ @show_handlers ],

This makes it easy to use C with C<add_handlers>. Example:

... Do stuff with old handlers, then on some event...

my $store = $app->store;

... Now add the new handlers we want...


... Later on when we want our old handlers back...


I'll put these in unless anyone has any problems or comments. The reason I want this is that it will make it extremely easy to switch between game modes and such. I'd use it to switch between the game and the level editor.

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