Make inside-out hashes our instead of my #166

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Because Perl offers an easy way to modify a module from outside its file, it is a bad idea to make all of the hashes for inside-out structures scoped to the file. If I wanted to make a quick change to an SDLx module that is inside-out, I would have to go in and edit the file. Then when I distribute my game, I have to provide the entire file of the module I have edited, when I may have only slightly changed one of the subs. If the inside-out hashes were package-scoped, everything would work:

package SDLx::Surface;
no warnings "redefine";
sub blit {
redefinition . . .
I have access to package-scoped vars, but not file-scoped ones

Any reason not to change it?


Author: ruoso
Time: 1285525109
Field: comment
Value: No... I don't see a problem in changing "my" to "our".... But I wonder why you would need such a weird hack, can't you use the accessors?


@kthakore kthakore was assigned Jul 26, 2011
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