FAIL on OpenBSD: libdirs that ar not known to are not respected #185

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Failed test 'use SDL;'

at t/00-load.t line 88.

Tried to use 'SDL'.

Error: Can't load '[...]/' for module SDL_perl: Cannot load specified object at [...]/ line 200.

at /home/cpan/pit/bare/conf/perl-5.12.2/.cpanplus/5.12.2/build/SDL-2.525_3/blib/lib/ line 42

LDCONFIG(8) OpenBSD System Manager's Manual LDCONFIG(8)
Special care must be taken when loading shared libraries into the address
space of set-user-Id programs. Whenever such a program is run,
will only load shared libraries from the file. In
particular, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not used to search for libraries.
Thus, the role of ldconfig is dual. In addition to building a set of
hints for quick lookup, it also serves to specify the trusted collection
of directories from which shared objects can be safely loaded. It is
presumed that the set of directories specified to ldconfig are under
control of the system's administrator. further assists set-
user-Id programs by erasing the LD_LIBRARY_PATH from the environment.


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Author: froggs
Time: 1296389366
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Value: fixed


Author: froggs
Time: 1296389366
Field: comment
Value: Fixed in Alien::SDL 1.421_3

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