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Cant install SDLx on Linux Ubuntu 10.04 #226

somebody64 opened this Issue May 15, 2012 · 2 comments

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I've been trying to learn Perl SDL, so I downloaded your SDL Manual ( and when running even basic codes I get errors.

SDL cant locate: SDL::init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO);
there seems that there is also no SDLx::App or SDLx::Surfece included.
"Can't locate SDLx/ in @INC"

I installed using apt-get libsdl-perl libsdl-net1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev libsdl-gfx1.2-dev libsdl-pango-dev. But nothing worked

When I try to install SDL, SDLx::App or Alien::SDL via cpan I get errors:

Test Summary Report

t/core.t (Wstat: 0 Tests: 28 Failed: 0)
TODO passed: 21-22
t/core_video.t (Wstat: 0 Tests: 110 Failed: 0)
TODO passed: 57, 59
t/mixer_music.t (Wstat: 512 Tests: 35 Failed: 2)
Failed tests: 10-11
Non-zero exit status: 2
Files=59, Tests=3942, 119 wallclock secs ( 1.08 usr 0.16 sys + 41.12 cusr 2.80 csys = 45.16 CPU)
Result: FAIL
Failed 1/59 test programs. 2/3942 subtests failed.
./Build test -- NOT OK
//hint// to see the cpan-testers results for installing this module, try:
reports FROGGS/SDL-2.536.tar.gz

What am I doing wrong? Perl SDL games like frozen-bubble work fine.

PerlGameDev member

The debian libsdl-perl package is still version 2.2.5 and you'll need version 2.5+ for the examples in the manual, so installing from CPAN is necessary.

If you installed frozen-bubble from the debian repository it's using the old version of SDL Perl, which explains why that works.

It looks like the mixer test is the only failure, so you can force install if you're not interested in audio programming. I've seen failures from those tests before, but I can't remember what the problem is. It may be a threading issue. Are you using a threaded Perl? You can check with perl -V | grep threads.

PerlGameDev member
FROGGS commented Jun 16, 2012

It has to be a threaded perl because otherwise this test would be skipped.

Do what he said, force the installation of SDL:
sudo cpan
force install SDL

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