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Investigate whether writing AnyEvent::Impl::SDL makes sense #66

kthakore opened this Issue · 2 comments

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[AnyEvent] is a library that provides a common API to the various event loops that exist for Perl. If you write asynchronous code using the AnyEvent API, it should theoretically work with any event loop that Perl supports. (Think of it as the DBI of event loops.)

Anyway, it might make sense to create an AnyEvent adapter for SDL, so that apps that use SDL can take advantage of the growing number of AnyEvent-based libraries that are being released.

@kthakore kthakore was assigned

Author: beppu
Time: 1257990410
Field: comment
Value: I am not yet sure whether it even makes sense to write this module. I'm currently investigating this.


Author: rshadow
Time: 1301044945
Field: comment
Value: We can use it for:

  • Async IO for long loading data from files and draw animation for it
  • Timers
  • AnyEvent::Socket for non blocking networking
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