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These scripts are intended to demonstrate how 
the SDLperl OpenGL API can be used.  

Due to the high level nature of the perl language,
much of the OpenGL API's complexity has been
reduced to a lowest common denominator, that is 
to say, real numbers.

Given the overhead of perl itself, hardware accleration
is pretty much mandatory for good performance.  That
said, perl and good hardware acceleration go hand in
hand like fine wine and delicious cheese.

Descriptions:	Basic Triangle and Square	3D Cube example	Bezier Curve example	Bezier Surface (wireframe & solid)	Nurbs Surfaces, Curves, and Trims

The tutorial directory contains SDL_perl specific 
adaptations of Jeff Molofee's OpenGL tutorial examples.
The original tutorials and accompanying C programs
can be found at

tutorial/	Basic Triangle and Square
tutorial/	Color Triangle and Square
tutorial/	Rotating Triangle and Square
tutorial/	Rotating Pyramid and Cube
tutorial/	Rotating Textured Cube
tutorial/	Lighting and Filters Cube
tutorial/	Blending (aka transperancy) Cube

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