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Patch Review Process

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Submission review

  • Is the patch in the standard form?
  • Does it apply cleanly to the current CVS HEAD?
  • Does it include reasonable tests, docs, etc?

Usability review

Read what the patch is supposed to do, and consider:

  • Does the patch actually implement that?
  • Do we want that?
  • Do we already have it?
  • Does it follow SQL spec, or the community-agreed behavior?
  • Are there dangers?
  • Have all the bases been covered?

Feature test

Apply the patch, compile it and test:

  • Does the feature work as advertised?
  • Are there corner cases the author has failed to consider?

Performance review

  • Does the patch slow down simple tests?
  • If it claims to improve performance, does it?
  • Does it slow down other things?

Coding review

Read the changes to the code in detail and consider:

  • Does it follow the project coding guidelines?
  • Are there portability issues?
  • Will it work on Windows/BSD etc?
  • Are the comments sufficient and accurate?
  • Does it do what it says, correctly?
  • Does it produce compiler warnings?
  • Can you make it crash?

Architecture review

Consider the changes to the code in the context of the project as a whole:

  • Is everything done in a way that fits together coherently with other features/modules?
  • Are there interdependencies than can cause problems?

Review review

  • Did the reviewer cover all the things that kind of reviewer is supposed to do?

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