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Revision history for Perl module SDLx::Widget
0.072 to-be-released
- - updated menu example [jtpalmer]
- - added basic mouse functionality to SDLx::Widget::Menu [jtpalmer]
+ - updated menu example [jtpalmer, garu]
+ - added mouse functionality to SDLx::Widget::Menu [jtpalmer, garu]
- menu has a default font (uses SDLx::Text) [garu]
- - menu text now aligns to the center of the screen [garu]
+ - menu text now aligns to 'left', 'center' or 'right' [garu]
+ - different colors for hovering and selecting items in the menu [garu]
0.071 Feb 09 2011
- cleaned up SDLx::Widget::Textbox's code, fixed blinking cursor [FROGGS]
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