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+Revision history for Redis
+1.953 2012-09-05T00:49:11Z
+ * Tweak setup
+1.952 2012-09-04T11:22:18Z
+ * Added automatic authentication after connection establishment
+ * Support Redis 2.6: Aaron Crane <>
+ * Attempt to fix non-blocking read on Windows
+ * Enable support on the repository
+1.951 2012-03-13T10:17:09Z
+ * Remove Tie::StdHash from our dependencies list, its part of core
+ and it creates problems with some CPAN clients
+1.950 2012-03-12T13:54:10Z
+ * DEPRECATED: the encoding attribute to new() - we will not support
+ automatic decoding after 2.000, so please test your code with
+ encoding => undef now.
+ * Add pipeline support: Aaron Crane arc@github++!
+ * Cache AUTOLOAD calls: improves performance a bit, fixes #2
+ * Fix: apply reconnect logic to KEYS and INFO
+ * Fix: forbid PING and SHUTDOWN in SUBSCRIBE mode
+ * Updated docs covering pipelining and multi/exec
+ * Updated docs to point users to Github for code and issues
+1.926 Wed Jan 11 15:48:11 UTC 2012
+ * Fix auto-reconnect when the server is dead or a
+ client timeout.
+ See
+1.925 Tue Jan 10 16:02:04 UTC 2012
+ * Implemented auto-reconnect
+ * Add support for UNIX domain sockets
+ * Make REDIS_SERVER work with both TCP and UNIX domain sockets
+ * Make the test suite workaround a missing redis-server binary
+ * Assorted small bug fixes
+ * Improve documentation
+1.904 Sat Mar 5 23:10:48 UTC 2011
+ * Fix bug with NIL multi-bulk replies (Case 42) RT#64040
+1.903 Tue Feb 22 13:04:24 UTC 2011
+ * remove the Guard dependency
+1.902 Sat Feb 5 12:38:57 UTC 2011
+ * fix: ping() no longer dies (RT #62489)
+ * fix: shutdown() no longer dies
+1.901 Sat Feb 5 11:15:04 UTC 2011
+ * Released 1.900_01 as latest version
+1.900_01 Sun Jan 30 06:03:14 UTC 2011
+ * admin: change of maintainer to Pedro Melo <>
+ * feature: full support for Redis 2.x multi-bulk protocol
+ * feature: support for Redis PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE commands
+ * feature: automatic encoding can be turned off, use encoding => undef on new() (performance++)
+ * performance: substantial performance improvements, specially with large responses
+ * fix: add POP method to our List Tie interface
+1.2001 Wed Mar 17 17:22:01 CET 2010
+ * feadure: Redis protocol 1.2 support by Jeremy Zawodny <> CPAN RT #54841
+ * Version bump to be in-sync with Redis version
+ * bug: Correctly round-trip utf-8 encoded characters
+0.08 Tue Mar 24 22:38:59 CET 2009
+ * This version supports new protocol introduced in beta 8
+ * Version bump to be in-sync with Redis version
+0.01 Sun Mar 22 19:02:17 CET 2009
+ * First version, tracking git://
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+This software is Copyright (c) 2012 by Pedro Melo.
+This is free software, licensed under:
+ The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)
+ The Artistic License 2.0
+ Copyright (c) 2000-2006, The Perl Foundation.
+ Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
+ of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
+This license establishes the terms under which a given free software
+Package may be copied, modified, distributed, and/or redistributed.
+The intent is that the Copyright Holder maintains some artistic
+control over the development of that Package while still keeping the
+Package available as open source and free software.
+You are always permitted to make arrangements wholly outside of this
+license directly with the Copyright Holder of a given Package. If the
+terms of this license do not permit the full use that you propose to
+make of the Package, you should contact the Copyright Holder and seek
+a different licensing arrangement.
+ "Copyright Holder" means the individual(s) or organization(s)
+ named in the copyright notice for the entire Package.
+ "Contributor" means any party that has contributed code or other
+ material to the Package, in accordance with the Copyright Holder's
+ procedures.
+ "You" and "your" means any person who would like to copy,
+ distribute, or modify the Package.
+ "Package" means the collection of files distributed by the
+ Copyright Holder, and derivatives of that collection and/or of
+ those files. A given Package may consist of either the Standard
+ Version, or a Modified Version.
+ "Distribute" means providing a copy of the Package or making it
+ accessible to anyone else, or in the case of a company or
+ organization, to others outside of your company or organization.
+ "Distributor Fee" means any fee that you charge for Distributing
+ this Package or providing support for this Package to another
+ party. It does not mean licensing fees.
+ "Standard Version" refers to the Package if it has not been
+ modified, or has been modified only in ways explicitly requested
+ by the Copyright Holder.
+ "Modified Version" means the Package, if it has been changed, and
+ such changes were not explicitly requested by the Copyright
+ Holder.
+ "Original License" means this Artistic License as Distributed with
+ the Standard Version of the Package, in its current version or as
+ it may be modified by The Perl Foundation in the future.
+ "Source" form means the source code, documentation source, and
+ configuration files for the Package.
+ "Compiled" form means the compiled bytecode, object code, binary,
+ or any other form resulting from mechanical transformation or
+ translation of the Source form.
+Permission for Use and Modification Without Distribution
+(1) You are permitted to use the Standard Version and create and use
+Modified Versions for any purpose without restriction, provided that
+you do not Distribute the Modified Version.
+Permissions for Redistribution of the Standard Version
+(2) You may Distribute verbatim copies of the Source form of the
+Standard Version of this Package in any medium without restriction,
+either gratis or for a Distributor Fee, provided that you duplicate
+all of the original copyright notices and associated disclaimers. At
+your discretion, such verbatim copies may or may not include a
+Compiled form of the Package.
+(3) You may apply any bug fixes, portability changes, and other
+modifications made available from the Copyright Holder. The resulting
+Package will still be considered the Standard Version, and as such
+will be subject to the Original License.
+Distribution of Modified Versions of the Package as Source
+(4) You may Distribute your Modified Version as Source (either gratis
+or for a Distributor Fee, and with or without a Compiled form of the
+Modified Version) provided that you clearly document how it differs
+from the Standard Version, including, but not limited to, documenting
+any non-standard features, executables, or modules, and provided that
+you do at least ONE of the following:
+ (a) make the Modified Version available to the Copyright Holder
+ of the Standard Version, under the Original License, so that the
+ Copyright Holder may include your modifications in the Standard
+ Version.
+ (b) ensure that installation of your Modified Version does not
+ prevent the user installing or running the Standard Version. In
+ addition, the Modified Version must bear a name that is different
+ from the name of the Standard Version.
+ (c) allow anyone who receives a copy of the Modified Version to
+ make the Source form of the Modified Version available to others
+ under
+ (i) the Original License or
+ (ii) a license that permits the licensee to freely copy,
+ modify and redistribute the Modified Version using the same
+ licensing terms that apply to the copy that the licensee
+ received, and requires that the Source form of the Modified
+ Version, and of any works derived from it, be made freely
+ available in that license fees are prohibited but Distributor
+ Fees are allowed.
+Distribution of Compiled Forms of the Standard Version
+or Modified Versions without the Source
+(5) You may Distribute Compiled forms of the Standard Version without
+the Source, provided that you include complete instructions on how to
+get the Source of the Standard Version. Such instructions must be
+valid at the time of your distribution. If these instructions, at any
+time while you are carrying out such distribution, become invalid, you
+must provide new instructions on demand or cease further distribution.
+If you provide valid instructions or cease distribution within thirty
+days after you become aware that the instructions are invalid, then
+you do not forfeit any of your rights under this license.
+(6) You may Distribute a Modified Version in Compiled form without
+the Source, provided that you comply with Section 4 with respect to
+the Source of the Modified Version.
+Aggregating or Linking the Package
+(7) You may aggregate the Package (either the Standard Version or
+Modified Version) with other packages and Distribute the resulting
+aggregation provided that you do not charge a licensing fee for the
+Package. Distributor Fees are permitted, and licensing fees for other
+components in the aggregation are permitted. The terms of this license
+apply to the use and Distribution of the Standard or Modified Versions
+as included in the aggregation.
+(8) You are permitted to link Modified and Standard Versions with
+other works, to embed the Package in a larger work of your own, or to
+build stand-alone binary or bytecode versions of applications that
+include the Package, and Distribute the result without restriction,
+provided the result does not expose a direct interface to the Package.
+Items That are Not Considered Part of a Modified Version
+(9) Works (including, but not limited to, modules and scripts) that
+merely extend or make use of the Package, do not, by themselves, cause
+the Package to be a Modified Version. In addition, such works are not
+considered parts of the Package itself, and are not subject to the
+terms of this license.
+General Provisions
+(10) Any use, modification, and distribution of the Standard or
+Modified Versions is governed by this Artistic License. By using,
+modifying or distributing the Package, you accept this license. Do not
+use, modify, or distribute the Package, if you do not accept this
+(11) If your Modified Version has been derived from a Modified
+Version made by someone other than you, you are nevertheless required
+to ensure that your Modified Version complies with the requirements of
+this license.
+(12) This license does not grant you the right to use any trademark,
+service mark, tradename, or logo of the Copyright Holder.
+(13) This license includes the non-exclusive, worldwide,
+free-of-charge patent license to make, have made, use, offer to sell,
+sell, import and otherwise transfer the Package with respect to any
+patent claims licensable by the Copyright Holder that are necessarily
+infringed by the Package. If you institute patent litigation
+(including a cross-claim or counterclaim) against any party alleging
+that the Package constitutes direct or contributory patent
+infringement, then this Artistic License to you shall terminate on the
+date that such litigation is filed.
+(14) Disclaimer of Warranty:
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