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Signed-off-by: Pedro Melo <>
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melo committed Jan 15, 2013
1 parent 888f0f4 commit ac23ffa55920d6eaad8ba983111ed0444f16c5de
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@@ -852,7 +852,7 @@ tcp:
The C<< encoding >> parameter speficies the encoding we will use to
decode all the data we receive and encode all the data sent to the redis
server. Due to backwards-compatibility we default to C<< utf8 >>. To
-disable all this encoding/decoding, you must use C<<encoding => undef>>.
+disable all this encoding/decoding, you must use C<< encoding => undef >>.
B<< This is the recommended option >>.
B<< Warning >>: this option has several problems and it is

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