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Can you create new subroutines for every command that falls into AUTOLOAD? It'll be around 30% faster than AUTOLOAD every time.

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Once I have time, I'll do it :) Next week maybe...

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Wow, the speed difference is impressive...


                Rate not cached     cached
not cached  481779/s         --       -83%
cached     2825156/s       486%         --

Great! There will be less difference when subroutines start to make real work :)
I still don't have time though, mainly because of experiencing odd bugs in my code related to Redis. So it looks unwise to make changes and complicate the situation further)

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Fixed, will release on monday

@melo melo closed this Mar 11, 2012

AUTOLOAD + auto-reconnect and all my dreams come true) Thanks!

@arc arc pushed a commit to arc/perl-redis that referenced this issue Jun 16, 2012
@melo melo v1.950
    * DEPRECATED: the encoding attribute to new() - we will not support
      automatic decoding after 2.000, so please test your code with
      encoding => undef now.
    * Add pipeline support: Aaron Crane arc@github++!
    * Cache AUTOLOAD calls: improves performance a bit, fixes #2
    * Fix: apply reconnect logic to KEYS and INFO
    * Fix: forbid PING and SHUTDOWN in SUBSCRIBE mode
    * Updated docs covering pipelining and multi/exec
    * Updated docs to point users to Github for code and issues
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