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Knowledge Base Skeleton

Abandonment Notice: I'm afraid I simply don't have the time to maintain my Grav themes and plugins. Those interested in taking over should refer to the "Abandoned Resource Protocol". Feel free to fork and replace. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

This is the skeleton package of the Knowledge Base theme.


Installing Clean

  1. Download the zip file from the latest release and unzip it somewhere reachable by your webserver.

  2. From that root folder, type bin/grav install to install dependencies.

  3. You're good to go.

Existing Install

  1. Delete your existing user folder.

  2. Download the source code from the latest release.

  3. Unzip it into a new user folder.

  4. From the root folder, type bin/grav install to install dependencies.

  5. You're good to go.