The project which restores halo 2 PC multiplayer online through the "Network" area, while also adding new features such as GunGame and more to come.
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Project Cartographer

This code is intended to simulate XLive libraries over System Link for Halo 2 Vista. It also adds a wide variety of extra features into the game itself. Official Website:


Pull requests are the best way to submit any additions or fixes. Small changes or tweaks that don't affect functionality (like appearance of something for example) should be communicated to the developers as feedback since we may not agree with such a change/choice. If you intend to work (and are confident you won't just bail on the project) on something that requires online play, you will need to join the #dev_preview program in order to be able to run unofficial builds by logging in to a test account. Ask one of the developers about joining it. You however are expected to already be experienced in C/C++. Experience in reverse engineering binaries will help get you far.

Discord - Online Social Hangout

All Developers/Staff/Associates of this project hang out and work on this project via its official Discord server. Invitation link:

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