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PIP 004 - Tor Website Curated Database

The scope of this proposal is to create a web app that presents a curated list of Tor websites. Tor websites are notoriously ephemeral. This web app would function much as a search engine, but instead of crawling websites, the website owners would pay a small BCH fee to be listed. Economically incentivized parties would work together to curate the list and create a good user experience.

There are four economic actors in this scheme:

  • Users: End users are looking for tor websites that provide unique services or content.

  • Site Owners: owners of Tor websites that would like to make their site easier for Users to find.

  • Mirror Nodes: a web app that help spread the p2p database containing the curated list of Tor websites. Each Mirror Node maintains its own database of websites, but will coordinate with other Mirror Nodes to sync the data in their lists. It provides the following features:

    • A UI for Users to browse the list of Tor websites.
    • A UI for Site Owners to add their site to the database. Site Owners pay the Mirror Node for this privilege.
  • Software Developers: the role played by the PSF. PSF developers would create, maintain, and distribute the Mirror Node software. When a Site Owner pays a Mirror Node to be added to the database, a small percentage of the transaction is sent to the PSF token-liquidity app in order to burn tokens and increase the price of the PSF token, as per PIP 001.

The relationship between the User, Site Owner, and Mirror Node is explained in more detail in the article Hybrid P2P Networks.


I've started a rough draft of specifications for this app: