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Welcome to the catalog_pending wiki! This wiki will include information regarding how to create new data for the Perseus Catalog. While all final data for the catalog ultimately resides in the catalog_data repository, all new data that is created for the Perseus catalog is placed in this repository before ingest.

This repository contains three sub-directories to which data can be added:

  • The mods directory includes a list of alphabetic subfolders organized by the name of the author-work in the edition that was cataloged. There is also a Composite Works subfolder that is used for those editions that contain works by more than one author. Within each folder there may be more subfolders or a list of XML files. NOTE: This is not a permanent or required structure but rather an organizational convention carried over from earlier cataloging processes.

  • The mads directory includes an alphabetical list of sub-folders organized by author name, and each folder contains at least one MADS XML record. If a MARCXML record was downloaded and then converted into MADS in the process of creating the authority record, then the folder will include that record as well.

  • The templates directory includes MODS and MADS templates for creating records as well as a CSV file that is currently under development to potentially support the automatic addition of large numbers of editions to the catalog at once by automatically creating MODS records from bibliographic information input into the spreadsheet. An explanatory text file is also included that details the fields in the spreadsheet.

A Suggested Satirical Reading Order:

Home for an overview of the repositories

Basic Steps--overview of what to do

Searching the Catalog Is this edition already cataloged?

Finding MODS Records Let's go get some MODS Records!

Saving and Naming MODS Records--Where does my MODS record go?

Enhancing MODS Records What do I put in my MODS record?

Analytical Cataloging So what exactly is this FRBR you speak of?

Sample MODS Records

Finding and Downloading Authority Records What do you mean my author isn't in LCNAF?

Creating and Enhancing Authority Records Templates, schemplates...

CTS URNs and Work Identifiers My kingdom for a preexisting canonical work identifier!

Sample MAD Records So that's what an authority record looks like!

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