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Welcome to the tei-conversion-tools wiki! The pages are mostly a key of possible issues encountered on the path to EpiDoc/CTS compatibility. Pages include directions about what scripts in the folder to use to solve issues, as well as directions to resources outside the repo that might also be necessary.

For basic background documentation or for more specific questions that aren't answered here, please feel free to consult the links below:

Canonical Text Services

A Gentle Introduction to CTS and CITE URNs

CTS protocol version 5.0.rc.1 specs


[EpiDoc Guidelines] (

#Capitains CTS Service

Capitains CTS Service Documentation


[Perseids Documentation Wiki](Documentation Wiki)

Perseids Landing webpage

#Perseus Digital Libary

Perseus Digital Library Github repository

Perseus Catalog URIs

Perseus Stable URIs

Perseus Project webpage

#The Open Philology Project and Open Greek and Latin (OGL)

OGL website

OGL Github repository

Patrologia Graeca Github repository

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