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This folder contains the guidelines for the annotation of Ancient Greek. They expand the Guidelines for the Syntactic Annotation of the Ancient Greek Dependecy Treebank (1.1), by refining the morphosyntactic annotation and adding a semantic layer. The latter is build on the categories identified in H. W. Smyth's Greek Grammar.

Two formats for the guidelines are available:

1. html 
2. md 

The html version is the standard one that should be used for treebanking: it has to be downloaded and consulted in a browser. The md version is made available for reference on Github, not requiring download.

Please quote the guidelines in the following way:

Celano, Giuseppe G. A. 2014. Guidelines for the annotation of the Ancient Greek Dependency Treebank 2.0. https://github.com/PerseusDL/treebank_data/edit/master/AGDT2/guidelines