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20 <title>Cloudninja-for-java by PersistentSys</title>
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30 <h1 style="text-transform: none">CloudNinja for Java</h1>
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31 <h2>Multi-tenant Java application for Windows Azure</h2>
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36 </header>
38 <section id="downloads">
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42 </section>
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46 <section id="main_content">
47 <h2>CloudNinja for Java</h2>
49 <p>The demand for Java-based applications on Windows Azure platform is increasing day-by-day. We at <a href="">Persistent Systems</a> often come across questions regarding how to design various project components to manage single-tenant and multi-tenant applications. The ability to integrate project components with the various Windows Azure Services is also a matter of discussion. The challenge often faced by our customers while learning about Windows Azure is the unavailability of informative articles and code samples that are not related to .NET. </p>
51 <p><a href="">Persistent Systems</a> has developed multi-tenant sample application (called as CloudNinja) in Java for the Windows Azure platform which would help the Java community to develop Java applications for Windows Azure. The CloudNinja for Java application will empower Java developers to implement best practices and design patterns required for Java multi-tenant applications on Windows Azure. </p>
53 <p>The CloudNinja for Java application encompasses the following points:</p>
55 <ul>
56 <li>Tenant on boarding</li>
57 <li>Tenant level customization (for example, managing logos)</li>
58 <li>Data isolation for Tenant</li>
59 <li>Metering for Tenant</li>
60 <li>Providing support for log-in via different identity providers (for example, Yahoo!, Google, Windows Live ID)</li>
61 </ul><p>This application also demonstrates how to use the various Windows Azure Services such as:</p>
63 <ul>
64 <li>ACS</li>
65 <li>Windows Azure Storage</li>
66 <li>SQL Azure database and so on.</li>
67 </ul><p>We believe that the CloudNinja for Java application will prove beneficial to Java community and encourage Java developers to create their own applications for Windows Azure. Please feel free to submit your feedback <a href="">here</a>. </p>
69 <h2>Contributors</h2>
71 <p><img src="" alt="Persistent Systems Ltd."></p>
73 <h3>Persistent Systems</h3>
75 <p>Established in 1990, Persistent Systems (BSE &amp; NSE: <a href="">PERSISTENT</a>) is a global company specializing in software product development services. For more than two decades, Persistent has been an innovation partner for the world’s largest technology brands, leading enterprises and pioneering start-ups. With a global team of 6,700+ employees, Persistent has 300+ customers spread across North America, Europe, and Asia. Today, Persistent focuses on developing best-in-class solutions in four key next-generation technology areas: Cloud Computing, Mobility, BI &amp; Analytics, Collaboration across technology, telecommunications, life sciences, consumer packaged goods, banking &amp; financial services and healthcare verticals. For more information, please visit: <a href=""></a>.</p>
76 </section>
78 <footer>
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81 <p>this project by <a href="">PersistentSys</a> can be found on <a href="">GitHub</a></p>
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88 </footer>
90 </div>
93 </body>
94 </html>
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