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Persona Itentity client

In order to register on Persona and create a Persona ID a non-authenticated user should complete a form with two fields: Username and E-mail (both mandatory). After submitting the registration form, an e-mail with a link that will redirect the user to set his/her password will be sent to the address provided.

Once the account is set, user’s balance is topped up with the amount of Persona tokens (PRSN) needed to add the minimum attributes in order to have a Persona identity. These tokens are financed from the Enrollment Address, set up to support the creation of new users since everything on the blockchain requires a fee.

After registration, Persona User is able to add the minimum attributes to his/her Persona Identity: First Name, Last Name, Alias, SSN, DOB, Address/Residence, Email, Phone Number, Mother's Name, Father's Name, Birthplace as well as to upload a document (image/pdf format) and set the expiration date for it. Each time an attribute is added, user is required to enter his/her passphrase so the create attribute transaction is created.

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