PXListView lose first Cell element when resizing parent view #22

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I have a PXListView in a XIB, inside a NSView.
I'm using an animator to replace the current NSView with a new one like this:

[[container animator] replaceSubview:currentView with:myListView];

where myListView is the parent view of a PXListView.

When doing this,
after a window resizing, the PXListView lose the first cell element. If I color the list view background, I can see that the view has the right size and origin, but the first cell element disappears.
When scrolling the list view again, the first cell element, appears again (when scrolling down from the top of the window).

What is happening?

Perspx commented Mar 28, 2012

Hi Loreto,

Do you get this behaviour if you don't animate the view in?


Hi Perspx, the same behavior happens when I replace the subview, without animating it.


So I found out a possibile solution. When adding new cells I'm updating the view content calling the layoutCellsForResizeEvent method. This way it works.

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