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The Perth Artifactory

The Perth Artifactory

We're Perth's largest makerspace.

Infrastructure projects

  • airconControl - A timer to turn off the band room aircon
  • doorBotCode - The live code running our front door
  • doorbot_1.3 - Next iteration of our door control
  • queryBot - A gpt-3.5-turbo powered chatbot with access to our events calendar and some web pages. Primarily used for responding to queries from the public.
  • storageTickets - QoL improvements for people leaving projects at the space. Primarily used on our foyer kiosk.
  • theme-google-cal-embed - A tool to apply formatting to embedded google calendars
  • tidyauth - A wrapper for interactions with the TidyHQ API
  • util - These (typically) one file scripts solve various little problems around the space but don't warrant a repo.
  • webcam-scripts - Scripts to generate and manage our webcam feed

Member projects


  • branding - Branding resources for the organisation
  • Docs - Internal documentation of our IT setup
  • finance-migration - Plans to move to a new member management and finance system
  • training - Training documentation for tools in the space
  • website - Our live website
  • wiki - Our live wiki

Popular repositories

  1. OpenDoorControl Public archive

    C++ 4 1

  2. OpenDoorControlBoard Public archive



  3. DoorBot 1.3 based around Raspberry Pi and custom made DoorBot v1.3 shield

    Python 2

  4. Project pledge system operated through Slack

    Python 2

  5. Coil-Driver-Kit Public archive

    Coil Driver Kit Hardware Design


  6. artifactory-aircon Public archive

    Air conditioning timer in use at the Artifactory

    C++ 1


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