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Code and example files for simulating snow accumulation and melt and related isotopic fractionations
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IsoSnow_v1.0: Code for simulating spatially distributed snow accumulation and melt and related isotopic ratios/fractionations Pertti Ala-aho, University of Aberdeen 5 July 2017

This distribution ( comes with input files that reproduce a synthetic simulation example in: Ala-aho, P., D. Tetzlaff, J. P. McNamara, H. Laudon, P. Kormos, and C. Soulsby (2017), Modelling the isotopic evolution of snowpack and snowmelt: testing a spatially distributed parsimonious approach, Water Resour. Res, doi: 10.1002/2017WR020650. For the problem description and model equations please see the publication (CC-BY), and the related supplementary material.

The IsoSnow_v1.0 is built with Python 2.7.9 64-bit AND PCraster 4.0.2_x86-64, which need to be installed to run the model. Available from:; Spatial model output can be visualised with Aguila:

The distribution includes: 

  •      -> script to setup the model run (using PCraster) 
  • -> script to define parameter values and initial conditions 
  •  -> script to specify what model output is written to disk 
  •  -> the actual model algoritms 
  •    -> script to check simulated water balance
  • /Input     -> folder containing the input data 
  • /1      -> folder where model output is written

For questions and comment please contact: pertti.ala-aho (at) / pertti.ala-aho (at)

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