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A piece of Processing code that generates Isochronic Map
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##Isochronic Map

What is your mental map of a city? I bet it’s not measured in miles. This project was part of my thesis work at MIT SENSEable City Lab. In an isochronic map, the distance between a given spot and any other places of the city is not proportional to their geographical distance, but the cost taken to get there.

Here is my blog post on the isochronic maps of Paris:

Isochronic Paris

My blog post on the isochronic maps of Sinapore:

Isochronic Singapore

I talked more about the process in my thesis Seeing Differently: Cartography for Subjective Maps Based on Dynamic Urban Data

##The Code

The primary purpose of this code was to produce static images and videos. The code is far from well maintained in terms of annotation and architecture. I was and still am in the transition from a designer to an a-little-bit-more-serious programmer.

It has been a while since I last touched this code. I tried clean it up a bit and removed some sensitive data. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Compiling with Processing 2.0b5 succeeded. Requires geomerative library.

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