You can't make anything more obvious than pointing it out
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Obviate v1.0

Everybody loves seeing a pulsing circle move around the page to important information right? Sure.

Isn't it obvious?

Set Up Dev Environment

$npm install

$bower install

$grunt build

$grunt watch

I use python's SimpleHTTPServer for most front-end projects which you can use by navigating to the folder holding your index and typing:

$python -m SimpleHTTPServer


Things I'd like to see are:

  • Fade in, fade out per use
  • Keyboard control
  • Iterate through strings handed to the script
  • Control over the order of objects which the cursor moves to
  • Moving the transform to either the head or back into the CSS to keep it all much tidier and mysterious
  • Multi-coloured and multiple cursors
  • Left, right, centre, middle, and bottom position on element
  • Different shaped cursors
  • Orientation based on proximity of window chrome
  • Watch for window resize event

Probably won't do

  • Captions. Out of scope for a simple single use script