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001-Variables/Lesson 001 - Variables.playground
002-Collections and Iterators/Lesson 002 - Collections and Iterators.playground
003-Control Flow/Lesson 003 - Control Flow.playground
004-Functions/Lesson 004 - Functions.playground
005-Advanced Functions/Lesson 005 - Advanced Functions.playground
006-Classes and Structs/Lesson 006 - Classes and Structs.playground
007-First iOS App/HelloSwift
008-Intro to Tableview/B1GTeams
009-Intro to Optionals/Lesson 009 - Optionals.playground
010-Intro to Navigation/IntroNav
011-Intro to Extensions/Lesson 011 - Extensions.playground
012-Intro to Protocols/Lesson 012 - Protocols.playground
013-Intro to Custom Cells/Intro to Custom Cells
014-Intro to Custom Cells The Remix/Intro to Custom Cells
015-REST API Basics/REST API Basics.playground
016-Error Handling/016 - Error Handling.playground
017-REST Handling Errors/Lesson 017 - REST with Error Handling.playground
018-Guard/Lesson 018 - Guard.playground
019-Defer/Lesson 019 - Defer.playground
020-REST POST/Lesson 020 - REST POST.playground
021-Calling Functions in Swift 3/Lesson 021 - Calling Functions in Swift 3.playground
022-Passing Functions to Functions in Swift 3/Lesson 022 - Passing Functions to Functions in Swift 3.playground
023-Launch Screen/Launchy
024-TabBar Navigation/Tabby
025-Saving Defaults/SaveDefaults
027-Master Detail/MasterDetail
028-TableView Actions/MasterDetail
030-Unwinding Segues/MasterDetail
032-Custom Fonts/Fontly
033-UIAlertController With Input/Alertly2


This repository contains the source code covered on the Swift Ninja Blog (