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A web app to moderate Werewolf games, optimized for mobile.


What is it? - Werewolf is a party game where an informed minority team attempts to survive the mob of an uninformed majority. See and for information on how to play. The game usually requires a player to act as a moderator and not join the players. The intent of this web app handles all of the duties of the moderator so that everyone can play.

Which phones? - All phones (and tablets, iPods, laptops too...). Or at least that's the intent.

How does it work? - You start by picking the number of players, the roleset that you want to use, and then enter each player's name. The app then has the first player's name with an "unlock" switch. That player unlocks the switch and gets to see their role. If they're a seer with an N0 ("night 0" - the night before the first day) negative view, they get to see that too. If they're a wolf, they get to know who their fellow wolves are. The player then clicks "Next Player" and the next player can unlock the switch and view their information. Once everyone has seen their info, the group chooses a person to lynch. This is done in whatever way your face-to-face group decides lynches. Ours typically just uses majority vote. Pick the lynch victim on the app, and it will reveal that player's role (in death-reveal games). The app then goes back to the first player with the unlock switch. Seers choose their view in this phase. Wolves choose a kill. Villagers are given a question like "Who is the most suspicious?" so that they too have to pick a name and touch the app the same number of times as seers/wolves do. With multiple wolves, the first in order gets to suggest who to kill. Later wolves in order see each previous suggestion. The last wolf in order is the one that actually decides on who to kill. At dawn, the night kill is revealed, and the game continues until wolf elimination or parity is reached.

Play now!

Playable online here:

(Point your mobile web browser there.)


Source code Copyright (c) 2016 Peter Vasiliauskas

Images Copyright (c) 2013 Michael Wagner

Both available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License as stated in the LICENSE file and available from


A web app to moderate Werewolf games, optimized for mobile.







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