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Embracing Emacs, Hacking Spacemacs.
Emacs Lisp YASnippet
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My configurations of spacemacs

Quick installation

STEP 1: download Emacs

checkoutspacemacs github page Prerequisites section to download Emacs based on your system

STEP 2: clone .emacs.d (spacemacs repository)

follow the instruction in the install section to clone the .emacs.d folder into your home path (be sure to download the develop branch of spacemacs repository)

git clone -b develop ~/.emacs.d

STEP 3: clone .spacemacs.d (this repository)

clone this repository into your home path as well.(run the following code in your terminal)

git clone ~/.spacemacs.d

ALMOST THERE: launch Emacs

Finally, Lauch the emacs for the initial configuration, it will automatically download all the necessary packages and you are ready to go.


In this configuration, The Emacs server will be run as a demon process when you launch Emacs.

It can be super fast when using Emacs client to recall the closed Emacs or open a file with Emacs.

Do not start Emacs launcher again once you’ve done that, It will open another Emacs and may has some conflictions with the existing server.

You should put these two commands in your .bash_profile / .bashrc to use this tip at ease.

alias e="emacsclient -n"
alias ec="emacsclient -n -c"

if you close your Emacs frame, you can recall the Emacs by typing ec in your terminal.

you can open a file (e.g. in your current directory) by typing e in your terminal.

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