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SSO Account Configuration

Allows you to use AFT (Account Factory for Terraform) to declaratively specify SSO Group and SSO User access to an account in the following way:

module "john-doe-account" {
  source = "./modules/aft-account-request"
  control_tower_parameters = {
    AccountEmail              = ""
    AccountName               = "JohnDoeAccount"                                
    ManagedOrganizationalUnit = "Sandbox"  
    SSOUserEmail              = ""
    SSOUserFirstName          = "Admin"
    SSOUserLastName           = "User"

  custom_fields = {
    "sso_groups" = jsonencode({
      "an-sso-group-you-have-defined" = ["DeveloperAccess", "AWSReadOnlyAccess"]
      "another-sso-group"             = ["SomeOtherPermissionSet", "AnotherPermissionSet"]
      "yet-another-sso-group"         = "YetAnotherPermissionSet"
    "sso_users" = jsonencode({
      ""          = ["FooAccess", "BarAccess", "BazAccess"]
      ""          = "AWSReadOnlyAccess"

Furthermore, if you provide a value for the parameter CloudAdministrationGroupName, this SSO group will be automatically added to all accounts, with the permissions given in the parameter CloudAdministrationGroupPermissionSets, defaulting to "AWSAdministratorAccess,AWSReadOnlyAccess".

NB: Any group or user assignments not explicitly mentioned will be deleted automatically, except for the groups AWSSecurityAuditors, AWSControlTowerAdmins and AWSSecurityAuditPowerUsers. They are assigned by Service Catalog when Control Tower creates an account and should be left as is.


Deploy this SAM project in the organisation account, in your main region. All that's required is

sam build
sam deploy --guided

Subsequent deploys are done just by sam build && sam deploy.

To activate, put the following in your aft-global-customizations repo, in in the api_helpers directory. Substitute the --topic-arn value for the SNS topic.

#!/bin/bash -e
# Copyright, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

echo "Executing Pre-API Helpers"

ACCOUNT_ID=$(aws sts get-caller-identity --query Account --output text)

echo "Obtaining SSO Groups for account $ACCOUNT_ID..."
SSO_GROUPS=$(aws ssm get-parameters --names /aft/account-request/custom-fields/sso_groups --query "Parameters[0].Value")
echo "SSO Groups: $SSO_GROUPS"

echo "Obtaining SSO Users for account $ACCOUNT_ID..."
SSO_USERS=$(aws ssm get-parameters --names /aft/account-request/custom-fields/sso_users --query "Parameters[0].Value")
echo "SSO Users: $SSO_USERS"

echo "Posting SNS message to configure the account $ACCOUNT_ID for SSO access..."
aws sns publish --topic-arn "arn:aws:sns:xx-xxxx-1:111122223333:aft-sso-account-configuration-topic" \
  --message "{\"account_id\": \"$ACCOUNT_ID\", \"sso_groups\": $SSO_GROUPS, \"sso_users\": $SSO_USERS}"

Protecting the settings

You will probably want to include something like the following in an SCP to protect the AFT settings from being tampered with:

  "Sid": "DenyAFTCustomFieldsModification",
  "Effect": "Deny",
  "Action": [
  "Resource": "arn:aws:ssm:*:*:parameter/aft/account-request/custom-fields/*",
  "Condition": {
    "ArnNotLike": {
      "aws:PrincipalArn": [

You can add the following to the same SCP to block users of a permission set from using or even seeing the values of the SSO parameters in their own accounts. Substitute DeveloperAccess with the name of your own permission set, but keep the prefix and wildcard characters:

  "Sid": "DenyAFTCustomFieldsUseAndVisibility",
  "Effect": "Deny",
  "Action": [
  "Resource": "arn:aws:ssm:*:*:parameter/aft/account-request/custom-fields/*",
  "Condition": {
    "ArnLike": {
      "aws:PrincipalArn": [


Allows you to use AFT (Account Factory for Terraform) to declaratively specify SSO Group and SSO User access to an account.







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