WordPress handler for communicating with the Github API v3.
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WP Github

WP Github handles communication between WordPress and the Github API. It can be included in your theme/plugin or the /mu-plugins/ folder. It is designed to allow easy fetching of data from Github to use and/or display on your WordPress site.

It is licensed under GPL v2.

You can see more information about Github's v3 API here: https://developer.github.com/v3/


A personal (oAuth) access token is used for authentication. You can find instructions on obtaining your token here. It only requires the 'repo' and 'public_repo' scopes.

Supported Endpoints

Not all endpoints are supported yet, but most GET endpoints are planned. PUT and DELETE Endpoints will be considered if there is interest/demand. You can currently access the following methods:

  • get_user_profile( $user ) - Gets the Profile of given User.

  • get_own_repos() - List all Repos owned by the authenticated User.

  • get_user_repos( $user ) - List all Repositories of given User.

  • get_org_repos( $organization ) - List all Repositories of given Organization.

  • get_repo( $owner, $repo ) - Get Repository Information by given Owner and Repository.

  • get_repo_languages( $owner, $repo ) - List the Languages in given Repository.

  • get_repo_tags( $owner, $repo ) - List the Tags in given Repository.

  • get_repo_branches( $owner, $repo ) - List the Branches in given Repository.

  • get_repo_branch( $owner, $repo, $branch ) - Get the Branch by given Branch Name and Repository.

  • get_repo_teams( $owner, $repo ) - List the Teams in given Repository.

  • get_repo_commits( $owner, $repo ) - Lists the Commits by given Repository, Owner and optionally Time Period.

  • get_user_gists( $user, $since ) - List the Gists owned by given Username.

  • get_repo_issues( $owner, $repo ) - List the Issues by given Repository and Owner.

Usage Examples

To get started check the examples below.

Basic Example

This basic example shows you how to fetch the details of your User Profile.



$github = new WP_Github( $oauth_token );

$response = $github->get_user_profile();

print_r( $response );


Advanced Example

This advanced example shows you how to fetch the Commits for a particular Repository. It involves setting pagination options as well as a time period to return the data for and a timezone for that time period.



$github = new WP_Github( $oauth_token );

$github->set_page( 1 );

$github->set_per_page( 100 );

$github->set_timezone( 'Europe/London' );

$github->set_time_period_until( date( 'Y-m-d' ), '3 months' );

$owner = 'XXXXXXXXXX';

$repo = 'XXXXXXXXXX';

$response = $github->get_repo_commits( $owner, $repo );

print_r( $response );