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A Ghost theme based on Diaspora, licensed under the MIT License (same as the original theme).

All I did was porting the theme to Ghost. All credits should go to the original auther @Loeify, and please donate to the original author if you like this theme.


  1. Clone this repo into Ghost's content/themes/Diaspora
  2. Edit the post.hbs, replace example with your own Disqus short name
  3. Choose Diaspora in Ghost's settings
  4. You are all set. Remeber to add a picture for each post and a cover image for the entire blog


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run npm install in this folder
  3. Install grunt-cli and run grunt here
  4. You are all set. Everytime you edit the style, you should run grunt again to build the theme

For Chinese Users / 中国用户注意

This theme requires resources from, which might be unreachable or reachable but slow in China. In this case, you should replace the URL with an alternative CDN URL (e.g. USTC Google Fonts CDN)

本主题引用了 的资源,在中国访问较慢或无法访问。所以中国用户应当自行寻找替代用的镜像CDN并替换对应URL(例如:USTC CDN)。

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