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Help web developer to make their js & css files minified easily!
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Web minify helper!

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Let me help you minify css and js files automatically and easily!

This is only a shell script; it depends on bash shell, grep, curl and nodejs/npm.

It is based on clean-css, uglify-js and

Feel free to contribute to the project if you want!


  • Bash shell
  • grep
  • curl
  • Node.js >= (4.0)

How to use?

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd web-minify-helper
$ npm install

First go to the target directory you want to minify, then run the script(path_of_script/ Or you can pass the directory's path as a parameter to the script!

You may even place the script file (or make a link to it) under the $HOME/bin directory, allowing you to conveniently run this script from any directory!


The script will scan all the directories under the current working directory, except path with '.git'.

Then, it will check all the js & css files to see if they already have a minified version (currently, it recognizes it by looking for a .min in the filename, before the file extension).

If the file does not have a minified version, it will minify it.

Furthermore, even if there is a minified version available, the script will compare the last modified time between the original file and its minified version. If the original one is newer than the minified one -- which means the minified file is older than the original -- then it will replace the old minified file with a new minified version!

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