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Input JMX statistics to Bosun/opentsdb. Based roughly on code found in the jmx_examples documentation as well as an example from

Requirements to Run

Requirements to compile

  • Apache Ant
  • Java

Installation + Usage

bosun-jmx.jar accepts a single argument which is a path to a properties file. The three variables available are host, port and app-under-test. host and port are related to where the JMX debug port is located. app-under-test is a string field you can use to differentiate a particular java process in the output (produces a tagk/v of 'appname' in the collector output.) If you use a properties file, you will need to specify it as an argument to the bosun-jmx.jar file. In the case of scollector, you will want to instead locate bosun-jmx.jar outside of the external collectors directory tree and instead use a shell script that calls the java with the properties file argument.

  • clone repo
  • execute ant from repo directory
  • make bosun-jmx.jar executable
  • move bosun-jmx.jar into your continuous-run scollector external collectors directory (e.g. /opt/scollector/collectors/0)
  • restart scollector