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Pomodoro Timer

A timer that helps you with performing "The Pomodoro Technique"®.

Pomodoro Timer Logo

Project Description


  • Lets you track your Pomodoros and has an HTML rendered history
  • Lets you configure your Pomodoros
  • You can choose between Pomodoro, Small Break, Long Break
  • Multi-Language Support (German and English)
  • You can configure if there should be a special Action when a Pomodoro has been finished For example you could play a sound file or start another program that turns your lighting on
  • Easily see the remaining time in the taskbar without having the appliaction on top
  • You can have it always on top if you want
  • More is coming soon...


You need to have my MvvmCommons Library for building PomodoroTimer on your own. You can find it here.


msbuild -t:Clean,Build


The Main Screen, where can access all functions

The Settings screen

The history that is rendered into the browser

The notification when you had to interrupt your Pomodoro

The progress of the remaining time in the taskbar icon

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