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Jun 29, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Don't save an unchanged file just to fire a callback

    Separate the early exit logic from the checking of the callback,
    and fire the callback even when we can exit early. This avoids not
    one, but two backend calls which we don't need to make when there
    are no changes (since file/put always triggers a file/compat-tree).
    Change-Id: I6eb8e6f95e16eace277731e2c56d25d591f66559
  2. PeterJCLaw

    Avoid linting the reference file.

    While pylint may choose to load it as part of the run, we don't
    really care about the results from it. Its presence is therefore
    merely a distraction which provides a false pass result among the
    Change-Id: I7010ce182757bc2598380ddc26e201264fd4397d
  3. PeterJCLaw

    Fix comment.

    Change-Id: I29f0ce94008c5aeea074b5354ec989bbbe53c438
  4. PeterJCLaw

    Test helper for a value in a range.

    Change-Id: I08f632f1f61364dad7014f0ce3dbcc59fbd8b61f
  5. PeterJCLaw

    Update doc comment to match d19b497.

    Change-Id: I2827e1f6f41eefd1f5df2f31c4b02bc2bf14097c
  6. PeterJCLaw

    Switch linting to use proc_exec

    This is better than having them do their own things with proc_open
    as it means we get consistent logging of the processes being launched
    and any failures they encounter. This was made possible by the plumbing
    in b6b56d78188be67, since we need access to the actual exit code and
    stderr stream in one case.
    Change-Id: I5ebaf30fe426e6959a5bbaf95135dec99d35758f
  7. PeterJCLaw

    Make proc_exec much more useful

    When told to catch the result of the process, have it return a dict
    style array with the raw information from the process. This allows
    it to be used as a wrapper around proc_open without any loss of
    information returned.
    Previously there was no way to access the stderr of the process,
    which lead some code to use proc_open and thus lose out on the
    logging provided in proc_exec.
    Change-Id: I62095d406e1fdefe4c7eaa9f745c0f06803b44c9
  8. PeterJCLaw

    Update the pylint error pattern

    This allows it to match the pyline 1.1.x series message style,
    though this needs fixing properly as it appears this output format
    is now deprecated (see #2508).
    Change-Id: I52dfea43f6bd04a0195db9b552ad6f15a541dafc

Jun 28, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Set team-status folder in test which creates it

    While this test does really need to create the team-status folder,
    it will end up doing so via the TeamStatus constructor. Ensure that
    the folder created doesn't clash with the real one by overriding the
    config for the duration of the test.
    Change-Id: Ie76fb0a3f1f2d3c1ab593ed2c4d20fc0ba5b5025

Apr 18, 2014

  1. rspanton

    Update pyenv to sr2014.7

    Changes since sr2014.6
     * Disable power board firmware updates.
    rspanton authored

Apr 14, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Fix the Installed-Size property in the deb.

    Otherwise we get an error when trying to install the package.

Mar 28, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Block project deletion by non-admins.

    This isn't supported properly, and would likely cause issues if
    teams stared actually using it on the live IDE (the endpoint has
    been found and highlighted on the forums). Rather than need to
    pick up the pieces, blocking its use should prevent too many issues.
    I've left it in place so that the test teardowns which use this can
    continue to do so, and to simplifiy the process of implementing this
    if/when we do want to support it properly (once we figure out how).
    Change-Id: Ide6d69bd4a1c9ce39e39df71885a6bb3ecb2d8e3

Mar 27, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Update the copyright dates in the LICENSE file.

    Harvested from the git logs, and ommitting updates to the submodules.
    Also explicitly note that this license does not neccesarily apply
    to the code in the submodules.
    Change-Id: I3e0edc743afc8fb7ac74f1aeb7072bf2a0d493f4

Mar 20, 2014

  1. rspanton

    Update to pyenv sr2014.6

    Changes since last IDE update:
     * Motor controller firmware update
     * Throw exception if Robot is instantiated twice
     * New splashscreen
     * Funnelling of log stuff through logging module
     * Kill motors on USB unplug
        (Although I don't think this last one is actually working)
    rspanton authored

Feb 08, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Fix #2303: Bump pyenv-dummy to pick up missing Ruggeduino items.

    Change-Id: Ia977d4fe02c7265666516b7509f60c044ae288be
  2. PeterJCLaw

    Fix #2304: Print the name of the project we just exported.

    This extends the existing printing of the revision exported to also
    include the name of the project, which is a very useful thing to be
    reminded of.
    Change-Id: Ie5dd6e5c9ee255cf161d0822bb993bb6459a0532

Jan 29, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Fix call broken during tidyup.

    I failed to notice that the status_options message's signature is
    radically different to that for status_button.
    Change-Id: I54f6b6a1278e69ea374f63c40b236f2ef8ca8c8b

Jan 26, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Fix typos in deletion success message.

    Change-Id: I6ae6d8e85a2b050a39e07b065819fd6d16ac41b0
  2. PeterJCLaw

    Remove trailing comma from object creation.

    This causes issues in IE7 and lower. Since this is has been live
    like this since mid November it's interesting that no-one has yet
    hit it, but still a good idea to fix it.
    Change-Id: I6a579ba5e7929fc144fef4c883936ebd57f9ddf2
  3. PeterJCLaw

    Fix some whitespace irregularities.

    Change-Id: Ibfd765683adad44cabdcfbeea919c70a2e7970cc
  4. PeterJCLaw

    Remove redundant call to wrong function.

    The update function being called turns out to actually be part of
    MochiKit. It looks like this was intended to be the _list.update
    call that is also present below, but was typod originally.
    Change-Id: I10f1267cfacf263c7d9ab1f2207a5546eb24a80b
  5. PeterJCLaw

    Add JSHint checking and tidyup based on it.

    This adds config and ignore files for using JSHint to check our
    JavaScript, and performs an initial round of tidying up based on
    the output. This includes adding missing semicolons, tidying whitespace,
    ensuring braces are present around blocks and removing unused variables.
    In some places refactoring has occured to clarify logic and simplfiy tidyups.
    No functionality changes are expected as a result of these changes.
    Change-Id: I742db20d0ba4668b0e559e328598e995d352fa61
  6. PeterJCLaw

    Separate the Edit classes into their own files.

    Each of these is quite large, and easily justifies being in its own
    file. This aids development by making each more accessible, and
    doesn't affect production since all the static files are combined
    for serving anyway.
    Change-Id: Iacd823bf6b17e06cf001a9bfbb69424062cf0997
  7. PeterJCLaw

    Ensure the selection list isn't modified when undeleting files.

    Create a new list from the modified selected files, rather than overwriting
    the values in the original. This could otherwise have caused issues
    if the selection was to be re-used for something (for instance if
    the undeletion failed and the project file list wasn't refreshed).
    Change-Id: I67eb934e8645a68cc4fa927c020b95ffb10af2a3
  8. PeterJCLaw

    Break the Project Page classes into separate files.

    This makes it vastly easier to work on them as each can be looked
    at individually, and it's possible to establish a context within each
    at the same time.
    Change-Id: I0f1a35fb3bd3941b802af955a266ccf8a4873f28
  9. PeterJCLaw

    Move description switch closer to usage.

    The output from this is only used in the one condition that the item
    name is empty. Move the switch after the check to clarify this, and
    for a minor performance improvement.
    Change-Id: Ia251a2b1aacc495d532a05f39cf78f7edeac5201
  10. PeterJCLaw

    Replace large if/elseif/else with switch.

    This is clearer.
    Change-Id: I80cb6247f87c05f79357d10d3c587925de609e80
  11. PeterJCLaw

    Whitespace tidyup comment.

    Change-Id: I9a2c54db6f9a4de0a2254893de37eb39f36d22ac
  12. PeterJCLaw

    Minor logic tidyups.

    Simpler array length check, remove duplicate lookup.
    Change-Id: Ieb912516895daf76858cc9f9274e3b54d310eac1

Jan 22, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Sort the list of teams before making the selector.

    This makes it vastly easier to find the team you're looking for
    when there are several.
    Change-Id: I097d9639ef616519cf93054c65f0411edafce8cb

Jan 16, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Fix #2154: Tell teams to get permission for team-status content.

    2014-01-16 Patch set 2: s/permission/licenses/ per Andy's suggestion.
    Change-Id: I252c4f8f4d0fde34f4c9055ff9afe4a741581504

Jan 12, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Wrap very long lines in the index template.

    Change-Id: Ida25e5e9260e6b2fd87e890496d47ed98a74bedb

Jan 09, 2014

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Only remove the original path if it has changed.

    When uploading images, we move the raw image to a semi-predictable
    path based on the user's team, but using the original file extension
    This image is then read, converted & re-output to a fixed path.
    As these two paths could be the same, such that when the 'original'
    was removed, we in fact removed the final image. Avoid this by checking
    the paths are different before removing them, and add a test that there
    is an image uploaded, using images for both possible cases.
    Change-Id: Id95faff48b6e5ef78869375e5ebac8472d0fbc12
  2. PeterJCLaw

    Fix uploads by fixing typo introduced in 28b1465.

    Add a http test to ensure that image upload works as expected by
    posting image data at the page. This doesn't yet validate that the
    upload itself worked, only that the page returned without error.
    Change-Id: I5401e04e36022441982f2e602b58b1b4b7b44d2b

Dec 21, 2013

  1. PeterJCLaw

    Implement valid url and feed helpers.

    These are used on the team-status page, and will provide the user
    with quick feedback that their urls aren't usable, saving us the
    trouble of manually doing so.
    Change-Id: I8054a794f6280f1dca7cd2875860b3b69220d53d
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