Sample Code: ASP.Net Core + Microservices + Dapper + Docker + DockerCompose
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Neptune Overview

A sample dotnet core 2.0 application demonstrating a website and webapi communicating with microservices via a bus implemented upon EasyNetQ and RabbitMQ Two docker compose environments combine to host the necessary infrastructure and applications.


  • Web: ASP.NET Core MVC
  • WebAPI: ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Micro-services: .NetCore executables connected to RabbitMQ accepting Commands, Requests/Responses and Events

Identity Service

  • Stores users identity, passwords, roles, groups etc.
  • Backed is a SQL Server database
  • Dapper is used for sql execution

Profile Service

  • Stores users badges, notifications, reputation etc.
  • Backed is a SQL Server database
  • Dapper is used for sql execution

Search Service

  • In response to events occuring, a Elastic Search index is updated.
  • In response to queries, Elastic Search is searched and its results returned.


  • Two docker compose setups that share a common network
    • Infrastructure
      • RabbitMQ container
      • Elastic Search container
      • SqlServer Express for Linux container
      • Graylog / Mongo / Elastic Search container
    • Application
      • WebApp container
      • WebApi container
      • Identity container
      • Profile container
      • Search container